You may be one of the thousands of Iowans who are taking advantage of lower ticket prices to fly to see relatives for Thanksgiving.

The executive director of the Des Moines Airport Authority, Kevin Foley, says you may find some new rules when you get to the airport.

“The requirements for removing all electronics for example — that requirement just came about here in the last four to six weeks — so, if you haven’t traveled for awhile, there may be some new requirements,” Foley says. The electronics requirement is pretty simple.

“Anything that’s larger than a cellphone will now have to be pulled out of your bag,” Foley says. He says you can put those devices on top of your carry-on luggage as you prepare to go through the TSA screening. He says the easiest way to find out all you need to know is to go online and review the rules.

“The best way is to while you’re packing to check the TSA website,” Foley says. “Remember if you don’t have pre-check or global entry and you are going through the normal screening lanes — remember the three-one-one rule. That’s 3.4 fluid ounces max in any one container into a one quart ziplock bag, and one bag per passenger.” Some people combine the Thanksgiving trip with a Christmas celebration. If that’s what you’re doing, do not wrap any presents before you get to the airport.

“TSA may have to unwrap ’em if you do, so the best way to get through screening if you are taking gifts is to leave them unwrapped,” Foley says. “You can take the wrapping paper with you and you can wrap them when you get through screening or just wrap them when you get to your destination.” One other key is to remember that it is one of the busiest travel times of the year and you may have to wait in line sometimes.

“Understand that the frontline airline employees want to get you to your destination as bad as you want to get there, and they are under restriction. They often times can’t bend policy,” Foley explains. Wednesday is one of the busiest travel days — but Foley says nothing will top Sunday.

“Going to Thanksgiving celebrations is spread out between Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Some of them left last Saturday and took the entire week off,” he says, “but everyone will come home on Sunday.” Foley says the good news right now is the weather forecast isn’t showing any concerns of major problems for travelers through the weekend.