Judy Bradshaw

Mold issues remain at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, a facility that leads training exercises for thousands of law enforcement offices and new recruits.

Judy Bradshaw, the academy’s director, is asking the governor and legislators to set aside money for a study of either renovating the building or finding new quarters elsewhere.

“What’s causing the mold has not been mitigated. That’s actually our plumbing and our HVAC system and until they tear out the pipes and the walls, no one’s going to be able to fix that,” Bradshaw says. “We just try to maintain it at a safe and healthy level.”

Tests two years ago showed extremely high levels of mold in the building. It’s located at Camp Dodge, the Iowa National Guard’s base in Johnston.

“It’s a very old facility,” Bradshaw says. “The windows are original. Most of the structure is original. It’s never been replaced so we’re looking at: Do we demolish and rebuild where we’re at? Do we partner with another academic facility or a private partner?”

Bradshaw is asking lawmakers for $10 million dollars in gambling taxes that are deposited in the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund to hire an engineering firm. That firm would then determine which option is best and then make the plan happen.

Last year more than 11,000 law enforcement officials took classes or went through basic training at the facility.