January is known in some legal circles as “divorce month” as couples in Iowa and many other states flock to untie the knot.

Attorney Scott Trout, CEO of the law firm Cordell & Cordell — with offices in Des Moines and Omaha/Council Bluffs, says it’s easy for some people to get caught up in the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and think relationships are going fine.

“But once the clock strikes midnight on January 1, the real-life problems start piling up again and reality kicks in and they realize it’s not going to work,” Trout says. It’s unfortunate, but he says once the new year arrives, some people resolve to make a big change, which often means dissolving a marriage.

Trout says, “They give it a go but then we see this huge increase and spike in divorce rates starting in January and carrying all the way and peaking into March.” While January is the most popular month for divorce, it’s also tops for people signing up on dating websites, and it’s no coincidence. Trout says if you’re facing a looming divorce, do yourself a favor and avoid Facebook, Instagram and all other social media.

“Fifty-one or two-percent of the divorce attorneys are utilizing social media in their cases in trials, whether it be posts about bashing your ex or bragging about a job you claim you don’t have or vacations,” Trout says. “There is a treasure trove of information on social media.” Trout says the divorce rate is over 51% and marriage rates are falling.

(Thanks to Karla James)