Senator Chuck Grassley.

The federal government is back in business this morning as an agreement was reached on a temporary spending bill late Monday.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the next few weeks will be focused on finding a compromise on immigration. Grassley says it’s more than just DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which was enacted during the Obama administration.

“Let me give you the four pillars of a possible compromise,” Grassley says, “One, DACA kids. Number two, border security. Number three, ending chain migration. And number four, doing away with diversity visas.”

The spending bill that passed Monday will only keep the government running for three weeks and Grassley says he’s optimistic an agreement can be reached before February 8th.  “I believe that we can accomplish all of this in a way that gets broad support in Congress and something that the president will sign,” Grassley says. “So, we will continue our negotiations with these goals in mind.”

Grassley, a Republican, makes it clear who he believes is to blame for the three-day closure of all nonessential federal offices and services, which took effect at midnight last Friday.

“The government’s open, up and running,” Grassley says. “The Democrats shut it down and I think they lost ground for doing it. Maybe for that reason, it won’t happen again, at least in the near future.” Grassley says immigration isn’t the only issue that remains a sticking point between the parties.

Grassley says, “More money for defense has broad bipartisan support, but there’s mostly Democrats that feel, ‘Well, if you spend one more dollar on defense, then we need to spend one more dollar on domestic programs.'” Grassley says defense is the number-one responsibility of the federal government, so he doesn’t “buy in” to the dollar-for-dollar argument.

Iowa Congressman Dave Loebsack, a Democrat, released the following statement after the House vote to reopen the government:
“The shutdown is the result of one thing: the inability to compromise. This whole disaster shows just how broken Washington really is. While I remain deeply skeptical that today’s agreement will actually lead to the change that is needed, it at least provides a framework to begin dealing with issues Iowans tell me they want addressed.”

Iowa Congressman David Young, a Republican released this statement:
“I’m pleased the government shutdown is ending and the people’s government is getting back to serving Iowans and providing the longest extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program ever. Congress must pass a long-term funding bill and end the short stop-gap funding patches which harm our national security and give economic instability.”