President Trump and Eric Branstad

The Branstad who ran Donald Trump’s 2016 general election campaign in Iowa has left the Trump Administration and is returning to consulting work.

Eric Branstad is the oldest son of Terry Branstad, the former Iowa governor who Trump named U.S. Ambassador to China. Eric Branstad had been serving as White House liaison to the U.S. Department of Commerce since Trump took office. His wife and children remained in Des Moines.

Branstad left his D.C. job several weeks ago. Branstad is joining Mercury, a “global public strategy firm” that has companies and politicians as well as other countries as clients. Eric Branstad will be a managing director and will open an office for the firm in Des Moines.

Branstad’s move was first reported this morning by Politico Playbook, a daily newsletter. Eric Branstad had worked as a political consultant before he joined the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016.