Ryan Jacobs

With more bad weather in the forecast Northern Iowa is looking at the possibility of moving this weekend’s Missouri Valley Conference series against Loyola to the UNI-Dome. Heavy rain is expected for Saturday and there is a chance of snow on Sunday.

Cedar Falls received nearly half a foot of snow last weekend.

“The way it has been working for us is we get out there and get it ready and then all of a sudden it freezes and snows again”, said Panther coach Ryan Jacobs. “We want to have a back up plan with the dome so that if the weather does not cooperate we can move inside and get our three game series in.”

The Panthers are scheduled to host Iowa State in a non-conference game on Wednesday.

“I don’t know if that gives us enough time to get the field dried out”, added Jacobs. “Potentially we could may reschedule for a Thursday or get some availability in the dome.”

Elwin Huffman at KOEL contributed to this story