The state’s unemployment rate dropped to 2.8% in March, while the U.S. unemployment rate remained at 4.1%.

Iowa Workforce Development spokesperson Cory Kelly says Iowa continues to have one of the lowest jobless rates in the country. “We’re tied for fifth nationally with the states of Nebraska and Vermont,” Kelly said. Iowa’s unemployment rate, over the previous three months, had held at 2.9%. The state’s jobless rate was 3.3% one year ago.

“Iowa has added a net of 10,600 jobs since last March, including manufacturing jobs that increased by 10,400 alone,” Kelly said. According to the IWD report released today, Iowa currently has 224,200 manufacturing jobs. The state added 1,300 construction jobs in March. That marks two consecutive months of job increases in construction.

“This sector experienced declines throughout most of 2017 and to begin the year, so these monthly gains are welcome news for this industry,” Kelly said. There were 600 fewer unemployed Iowans in March compared to February.

“Decreased to 47,300 in March from 47,900 in February. The current estimate is 8,200 lower than the year ago level of 55,500,” Kelly said. The total number of working Iowans in March stood at 1,626,100.