A California billionaire brought his impeachment push to Iowa last night.

“The whole point of this series of town halls on impeachment is to understand how people around the country see this administration, see its behavior,” said Tom Steyer, founder of a group called “Need to Impeach.”

Steyer is hosting 30 of these meetings around the country to make what he calls the “patriotic case” that Donald Trump should be impeached. Last night’s event was in Des Moines. On Thursday evening he’ll host a town hall meeting in Cedar Rapids.

Steyer is blasting Iowa’s elected leaders for “inaction” on impeachment. He argues they are endangering the safety and well-being of the nation.

“We are facing a wreckless, dangerous and lawless president,” Steyer says. “…Telling the truth about the most important issue of the day is something that is urgently called for.”

But others in the Democratic Party have called for Steyer to stand down rather than hand Republicans the ready-made argument that this fall’s election will decide whether Trump is impeached. Steyer says he will continue to campaign for an early end to Trump’s presidency.

“We don’t think it’s appropriate to sweep the most important issue in America under the rug,” Steyer says.

Steyer will speak tonight at a private fundraiser for Democrats in the Iowa House. Steyer’s separate political action committee called “NextGen Climate” has had employees on the ground in Iowa for the past few years, part of an effort to pressure politicians to promote renewable “clean” energy sources. Steyer has pledged to spend $30 million on get-out-the-vote efforts targeting young voters for the 2018 elections.