Nate Boulton

The campaign of Nate Boulton has issued a statement responding to a newspaper article alleging the Democrat candidate for governor harassed and threatened women.

The “Boulton for Iowa Campaign” issued the statement from Boulton it says is a response to allegations printed in a copyrighted story in the Des Moines Register.

The statement features a quote from Boulton which says: “I want to clearly and unmistakably apologize to the women who have come forward. Regardless of the difference in my memory or the context of the situation, it is not my place to disqualify what these women felt at the time or in hindsight. While this is an embarrassing conversation for me to have today, I think it is important we have it, and I hope young men can learn about gauging conduct in social settings and continue to learn about and engage in the discussion.”

The campaign statement ends with this:
“Nate Boulton’s behavior in the social settings referenced in the article, as described by women who were social peers, in no way equates to the disgraceful actions taken by men across the country and in the Iowa Statehouse who have assaulted, harassed, and threatened women with workplace consequences. These are not assertions that he used positions of power, threatened retaliation or reprisal, or that he was in any position to do so. These are situations outside the employment context and were prior to holding public office. Still, this is a lesson to all young men to be respectful and aware of their actions toward women and how those actions may make women feel regardless of the settings or context, and take responsibility for any actions that have offended others.”

Boulton is a state senator from Columbus Junction.

Competitors of Boulton’s for the Democratic nomination have released statements on the story.

Cathy Glasson released this statement:
“These reports of sexual misconduct about Senator Boulton in the Des Moines Register today are extremely disturbing. We need a Governor we can trust to stand up and fight for fair treatment for Iowa women. Nate Boulton’s behavior disqualifies him from leading our state government.”

Candidate Andy McGuire issued this on Boulton:

“As I have stated from the beginning of my campaign, sexual harassment or misconduct of any kind should not and cannot be tolerated. Period.”

Candidate Ross Willburn released this statement:

“Sexual or other forms of harassment are unacceptable. While I am learning about these allegations through the media, I have spent my career creating workplace environments that are safe, where all people are educated about proper conduct and where victims feel comfortable coming forward to report. Iowans believe in treating each other respectfully. We need to especially ensure that respectful behavior occurs in the halls of government.”

Statement from Candidate Fred Hubell’s campaign:

“Fred has been very clear that sexual harassment and misconduct has no place in our society and will not be tolerated.”

Statement from candidate John Norris:

“Let me be very clear, there is no place for sexual misconduct or harassment in politics or anywhere else. This behavior is unacceptable and intolerable no matter where it takes place. My heart goes out to the women who endured this behavior and I applaud their bravery in coming forward, and every woman who has come forward in the Me Too movement before them.”

Statement from Senate Democratic Leader Janet Petersen:
“Iowans should not tolerate sexual harassment, and women who come forward to tell their stories show great courage. “The allegations reported in the Des Moines Register are a serious matter for Senator Boulton. These allegations are detailed and compelling. “Sexual harassment and misconduct should not be tolerated by anyone, anywhere. “