We are seeing our first major heat wave of the year across the state and the Iowa Department of Public Health says you need to adjust to the conditions. Deputy state epidemiologist, Ann Garvey says a key is to stay hydrated.

Doctor Garvey says you should drink a lot of fluids and if you are sweating heavily you might need to replace the salt and minerals by eating bananas, something salty or a sports drink to replace them.  Garvey says you can help yourself handle the heat by adjusting your clothing.

“We always remind people to wear kind of light-colored kind of loose-fitting clothing. Make sure you are wearing something on your head like a visor or a hat. And it’s really important to wear the sunscreen,” Garvey says. She says if you have sunscreen that’s been around awhile — you might want to get a new tube.

“I tend to like to throw out everything at the end of the season just to be safe,” according to Garvey. Garvey says be sure you have the right sunscreen for your needs.

“We always just recommend that you read the label carefully. Certain products are marketed more toward different populations and so you’ll often see higher SPF

for children versus to adults,” Garvey says. “I would just read that label carefully and make the decision based on kind of what your situation is. We know that some people may be more sensitive to certain products over others. Sometimes it’s a little bit of trial and error to see which products might work for you.” Garvey says be aware of what’s happening to your body if you are out in the heat.

She says if you feel dizzy or nauseated or weak, go inside and drink water or a sports drink to get fully hydrated. The forecast predicts Iowa could see highs in the 90s through the weekend.