Scott Weston

Scott Weston has a calendar on the wall at his home and he marks off each day as the start of practice on August first approaches. Hired last summer to start the women’s volleyball program at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Weston is anxious to get their initial season started.

“I love to be in practice and I love to be on the floor doing what I do”, said Weston. “I am excited to get into the groove of daily practice and get back to the grind.”

Weston has directed turnarounds at several schools but the opportunity to start a program from scratch is a challenge he has enjoyed. He has spent the past year on the recruiting trail and says he has a very athletic and volleyball knowledgeable group.

“We are not putting this together to be successful five years from now”, added Weston. “We want to come out of the gate successful immediately and then sustain that success season after season.”

The RedTails will debut at home with their first match on August 22nd against John Wood Community College.