Fred Hubbell, the Democratic candidate for governor, says the Iowa Supreme Court made an “appropriate” decision today in overturning a three-day waiting period for abortions in Iowa.

“The court recognizes that Iowa women under Iowa laws have a right to accessible health care,” Hubbell said. “That’s very important because we’ve seen this governor and this legislature reduce access to health care.”

The National Abortion Rights Action League held a news conference at the Iowa capitol today to publicly endorse Hubbell. Hubbell said abortion restrictions passed by the Republican-led legislature and approved by Republican Governors Terry Branstad and Kim Reynolds are “extreme” and taking Iowa backwards.

“It’s been very clear almost every place I go that people are frustrated and upset about the lack of access to health care,” Hubbell said. “And it’s not just women, but the privatization of Medicaid has cost tens of thousands of Iowans to have benefits denied or reduced. The University of Iowa dental program today said it’s not going to take Medicaid patients anymore because that program is such a failure. Mental health has not gotten any funding and improvement.”

The president of the National Abortion Rights Action League calls Hubbell a “champion” and “passionate supporter” of reproductive freedom.