Senator Chuck Grassley. (file photo)

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley today said the U.S. Senate will have “plenty of time” to confirm a new justice before the U.S. Supreme Court starts its next term.

President Trump will reveal his nominee Monday night. The Supreme Court will begin considering new cases 87 days from now. Grassley, who is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, predicted the full senate will have confirmed Trump’s pick by then.

“When we were able to do it for most justices in recent years between 65 and 70 days, it seems to me we’ll be able to do it this time as well,” Grassley said during a conference call with Iowa radio reporters.

Earlier this week, Grassley said it would be “pushing it” but “not impossible” to have the next Supreme Court justice seated by October 1. Grassley’s offering a more optimistic assessment today.

“The Senate will be in session in August, so we’ll have plenty of time to confirm a nominee before the Supreme Court resumes hearing cases in October,” Grassley said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee already has a staff of 21. Grassley says more lawyers will be hired to “thoroughly review” the record of whomever Trump nominated.

“So once this nominee’s announced, our judicial committee will then make a deep dive into the nominee’s background and credentials,” Grassley said.

Grassley indicated there will be “several days” of public hearings in his committee for whomever the president nominations.