No children were seriously injured, but many could’ve been, by razor blades that were stuck in playground equipment.

The sharp objects were discovered this week in a park in the Eastern Iowa town of Tiffin.

Jon McDonough told KCRG-TV that his mother-in-law first spotted the razor blades placed in different parts of the equipment.

“Around the slide and just parts where kids are grabbing on to,” McDonough said. Folks in the neighborhood eventually discovered at least 10 blades in the grooves of the playground equipment in the park in Tiffin’s Woodfield neighborhood.

“(I’m) worried, as any parent,” McDonough said. “When you go to the park, it’s not something you should have to look for – razor blades on pieces of play equipment.” One razor blade gave McDonough’s toddler a minor cut on the arm. It was enough to draw blood but little else, McDonough said. Riley Williams also lives in the Woodfield neighborhood.

“It’s hugely concerning because our kids are back there all the time. We’re out there a couple times a week,” Williams told KCRG. “You know, even the day we heard about it, they were over there. Thank God they weren’t on the equipment.”

City officials in Tiffin checked all the community’s parks with metal detectors but did not find any more blades outside of the one park. Anyone with information about the razor blades is asked to call the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office at 319-356-6800.