Kevin Wiker gives an update on the Mollite Tibbetts investigation.

Investigators looking for Mollie Tibbetts gave an update this morning — but had little new information to release.

The Department of Public Safety’s Director of Investigative Operations, Kevin Winker, talked to the media. “Unfortunately we have not yet found Mollie, but it has not been due to a lack of effort or a lack of resources,” Winker says. Tibetts has been missing since July 18th when she was last seen in her hometown of Brooklyn and this was the second formal update from investigators.

Investigators have released very few details on what they have or have not found — and Winker says that will not change. “Although we appreciate everyone showing up today for this press conference, our position has not changed on the release of case facts, results and conclusions. I understand that this if frustrating for many in the public and the media, but feel this is necessary for our investigation,” Winker says. “Our position has also not changed, in that if we evaluate a piece of information and feel that it will lead us to Mollie, we will do so immediately.”

Winker urged everyone to continue giving them tips or information which may help in the case. “Leads are a good thing. As tips come in they generate leads and it gives us an area to look and an avenue to explore. So, I would say all leads are important and they are all being looked at,” he says. The case has gotten national and international attention and Winker says anyone who thinks they have spotted Mollie should immediately call 911 or local police so they can quickly investigate.

Winker was asked about the time that has lapsed since Tibbetts disappeared and the inability to find her. “It’s very frustrating, but it hasn’t slowed our efforts. We have not slowed down at all the investigative process,” according to Winker. “And so, we come to work every day with an attitude that we are going to find Mollie today. And we hope to be able to do that and report that to you soon.”

Anyone with information on Mollie Tibbetts can call Crimestoppers of Central Iowa at 800-452-1111. Or email your tip online at  You can use Crimestoppers and remain anonymous. The reward offered for information is more than $172,000.

(Photo from Joe Lancello, KBOE, Oskaloosa)