Cindy Axne

Cindy Axne, the Democrat who’s challenging Republican Congressman David Young, says Iowans deserve better than the agenda being pursued by the Republican-led congress.

“Decisions that are helping corporations and the wealthy, decisions that are absolutely taking this country and this state backwards and decisions that are hurting hard-working Iowa families,” Axne says.

Axne, a small business owner, launched her bid to represent the southwest Iowa district about 15 months ago.

“Iowans are working incredibly hard and we’re playing by the rules, but Washington doesn’t have our back and we deserve better,” she says.

Axne spoke this weekend on The Des Moines Register’s Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair. She described her opponent, Congressman Young, as a politician “mired” in the ways of Washington.

“Right now he stands by idly as this administration attacks our farmers, our local economies and our overall state’s economy to be successful in agriculture and we need to send somebody out to congress who stands up for Iowans,” Axne said.

Congressman Young is scheduled to speak at the same State Fair venue on Wednesday.