Dordt College in Sioux Center has placed its band director on leave following accusations of inappropriate student contact, according to an email sent to students.

 Bradley Miedema is an associate professor of music at the northwest Iowa college and director of instrumental ensembles. The provost of Dordt College confirms Miedema will remain on leave, pending the college Board of Trustees decision on the issue. Brandon Huisman, vice president of enrollment and marketing at Dordt, says the college recognizes the seriousness of this issue

“We’re working with those involved to move forward in ways to acknowledge the seriousness of these actions in ways that we believe will lead to Christ-centered resolution, healing and hope,” he says.

Huisman says he cannot reveal details of the allegations because it’s a personnel matter. The Dordt College Board of Trustees will review the matter at its regular meeting next week.

“We value of students’ and employees’ well-being and we are committed to ministering to those affected by this situation,” Huisman says.

Other faculty are teaching Miedema’s classes and overseeing rehearsals. Concerts will go on as scheduled. Dordt College is associated with the Christian Reformed Church. It and has a student body of about 1500 and 85 full-time faculty according to the college website.

(By Mark Buss, KSOU, Sioux Center)