This could be the scene very soon.

Forecasters say wide sections of Iowa may get a one-two punch of snowstorms over the next two days.

Meteorologist Rod Donavon, at the National Weather Service in Johnston, says if you haven’t already dug the snow blower or snow shovel out of the shed, now is the time.

“The best chances Thursday, especially Thursday afternoon, will be moving into southern Iowa late in the day and spreading across generally the southeast half of the state Thursday night,” Donavon says. “Certainly, we are expecting the potential for some accumulations of one-to-two inches through that region.”

A second storm will follow closely behind the first on Friday which Donavon says has the potential to be more vigorous, dropping snow across central and northern Iowa.

“This event actually does have the potential for one-to-three inches across portions of that area,” Donavon says. “In addition, with that system, we could have some gusty winds in excess of 30 miles per hour, so certainly that could cause some travel hazards during the day Friday. Also, we’re looking at wind chills Friday night that could approach zero.”

Some parts of the state, in the Interstate 80 and Highway 30 corridors, may get snowfall from both storms.

Another warning, Donavon expects temperatures to dip down much chillier than normal, and anyone heading out will need to break out their heavy winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

“We’re expecting it to remain quite cold,” Donavon says. “As cold as it’s going to be this week and into the weekend, it could be even colder Monday and Tuesday. There’s an outside chance that our highs won’t get above 30 degrees.” Normal high temps for this time of year are in the 50s.

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