Iowa’s state board of education has ordered further review of the Davenport Community School District as it tries to correct violations of the federal special education law.

Board members called the Davenport district’s special education practices disgraceful and troubling. The district was found to have changed education plans without parental input and put a disproportionate number of black students in special programs. Board member Kimberly Wayne says the district has systemic problems, and the Davenport school board doesn’t seem to understand how serious they are. “This right here has impacted a whole other generation and they say it’s gonna take years to clean up,” Wayne says.

The district has been on a corrective plan since April, but it’s struggling to provide extra instruction to make up for lost services. Interim superintendent T.J. Schneckloth, who’s had the job for about a week, says they’re having workforce issues.

“We owe students something and we need to make sure they get it in a timely fashion,” Schneckloth says.

The additional review, which might happen early next year, could result in referral to ethics and licensing authorities. The district’s accreditation could also be at risk.

(Thanks to Katarina Sostaric, Iowa Public Radio)