Democratic candidates in two legislative races have asked for recounts. One race is in southeast Iowa.

State Representative Phil Miller of Fairfield trails Republican challenger Jeff Shipley of Fairfield by 34 votes after the canvas. Miller is asking that ballots in Jefferson and Van Buren Counties be recounted.

The other race headed for a recount is in northeast Iowa.  Recounts will take place in Winneshiek and Clayton Counties, but not in Fayette county in House District 55. Currently incumbent Republican Mike Bergan has a 7-vote advantage over Democratic challenger Kayla Koether.

The Iowa Secretary of State’s office says Koether filed for recounts in Winneshiek and Clayton Counties but not in Fayette County. Winneshiek County Auditor Ben Stienes says a recount committee consisting of three individuals will begin the Winneshiek County recount on November 27 at 9 a.m.

Clayton County Auditor Jennifer Garms says two of the three individuals have been selected for the recount committee in her county. Garms says a third person needs to be selected and county officials are hoping the Clayton County recount can be held early next week.

The official statewide canvas for all legislative races will occur on December 3.