Matt Whittaker (file photo)

President Donald Trump has nominated William Barr to become the U.S. Attorney General, leaving the future of Iowa native who has been serving as acting Attorney General unknown.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst says Matt Whitaker is a friend from Iowa and she recently talked with him about it. “Not sure where he is going to land — but when I spoke to him just the other day before President Bush’s Memorial Service — (he said) he would take it as it comes, and I am sure he will land on his feet,” Ernst says. Whitaker was the chief of staff for Attorney General Jeff Sessions before Sessions resigned, and he immediately was in the spotlight after being named to the acting role.

“Of course all of us from Iowa, we wish the absolute best for Matt Whitaker, in whatever his endeavors may be. Whether he is staying at the Department of Justice or moving on to another career,” according to Whitaker. Ernst says she has not had a chance to meet Barr.

“So, I can’t tell you about his character. I am sure he is a good person, I think just by virtue of his nomination — it speaks very well to his capability, his credibility. I look forward to the opportunity to meet him,” Ernst says. Ernst says she will get a chance to meet and talk with Barr during the Senate confirmation process.