Iowans who bought a 2018 Iowa fishing license are being asked to participate in a survey that will help the Department of Natural Resources shape its management of the state’s fisheries.

DNR spokesperson Jeff Kopaska says they’re hoping to hear from a diverse group of anglers. “Such as people who only purchased (a fishing license) in 2018 versus people who may have purchased in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Avid anglers tend to have different responses than casual ones who may only purchase once in a while,” Kopaska said.

Survey participants will be asked such things as where they usually fish, their favorite species, and for their opinions on DNR management practices. The survey is conducted only once every 10 years. “It will take us a few years to get that change accomplished and then it will take some more time to evaluate what our change resulted in,” Kopaska said. “So, if we did (the survey) more often we might not be able to gauge the response to our changes as well.”

The phone or email survey will involve approximately 1,600 anglers who purchased 2018 fishing licenses.

(Thanks to Pat Blank, Iowa Public Radio)