A Waterloo man has been identified as the victim of an officer-involved shooting at a U.S. nuclear security site in Nevada, about 70 miles north of Las Vegas.

Twenty-seven-year-old Nekiylo Graves was killed during a confrontation with law enforcement officers earlier this week. according to Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly. She released details of the incident in a video press release posted Thursday on the department’s Facebook page.

In the video, Wehrly said Graves was fatally shot by a deputy and security officer late Monday afternoon after breaching the main security gate at the Nevada National Security Site and refusing commands. According to Wehrly, Graves failed to stop at the gate and drove approximately eight miles before he parked, exited his vehicle and approached security officials.

The FBI and the Nevada Department of Public Safety are investigating the incident, along with Wehrly’s agency.

(By Elwin Huffman, KOEL, Oelwein)