Floodwaters in Hamburg.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is looking for people to inspect damaged homes and businesses, process applications and help arrange travel for FEMA staff.

Spokesperson Deanna Frazier says the positions will last 120 days, but may be renewed for up to a year. “To start with there are seven positions that are currently on U.S.A. jobs. But we ultimately will be looking for about 60 local hires,” Frazier says.

Most of the jobs will be based in Des Moines at FEMA’s joint field office, but there will be a few based in southwest Iowa where some of the worst flood damage occurred.

“Site inspectors would be those individuals who would be going to homes that have been damaged by the floods and then they would be looking at that damage for possible determination of eligibility,” according to Frazier.

People who are eligible for help from FEMA may receive rental assistance, or grants to help make their homes safe to live in.

(Thanks to Grant Gerlach, Iowa Public Radio)