Chris Soules booking photo.

There’s been a delay in the sentencing of a former reality TV star involved in a deadly crash on a rural Iowa road.

Chris Soules of Arlington was featured on “The Bachelor” in 2015. He was originally charged with a felony for leaving the scene of the fatal accident near Aurora two years ago. Sixty-six-year-old Kenneth Mosher died after Soules’ pick-up rear-ended Mosher’s tractor. Soules called 911 to report the accident, performed CPR, but left before law enforcement arrived. He was arrested at his home five hours later.

The judge today ruled victim impact statements from Mosher’s family would not be read at the sentencing hearing. The prosecution and Soules defense both asked the judge for new pre-sentencing evaluations, since the ones on file with the court included statements from Mosher’s family.

“I will enter an order consistent with what you are both requesting and that’s the only reason I’m doing it, because you’re both requesting it,” Judge Andrea Dryer said

Pre-sentencing investigations are not required for misdemeanor cases, but Dryer said it was “sensible” to have a new one prepared.

“I will enter the order for a new report to be prepared,” Dryer said. “I will reschedule sentencing.”

The hearing was livestreamed on multiple websites, including USA Today.

Last November, Soules pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. It’s an aggravated misdemeanor and he could be sentenced to two years in prison.