John Delaney. (file photo)

Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney was in Pacific Junction Tuesday, visiting with a couple who are among the hundreds of southwest Iowans who still can’t live in their homes more than two months after the Missouri River flooding began.

Jason and Fran Parr have torn the walls and insulation out of their home and are waiting on word about insurance.

“So you can’t do too much more….You’re like stuck here,” Delaney said.

Fran Parr responded: “We’re preserving the option to rebuild. That’s all we’re doing.”

Delaney, a former Maryland congressman, says climate change will cause disasters to become more frequent and more severe. He says that’s why the country needs to invest in infrastructure that’s able to withstand being battered by fierce weather conditions.

“And I’d be saying the same thing if I was in a coastal Florida community because they’re going to have to deal with this for really, decades, because of what we haven’t dealt with in the past,” Delaney said.

Delaney has called for putting a price on carbon. He says that would stimulate development of new technology that would help reach the goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by over 90 percent by 2050.