Flash flooding has hit areas of Manchester and Delaware County. A Flash Flood Warning remains in effect for Delaware County until 3:15 p.m. today.

Delaware County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Ryan says more than three inches of rain fell Friday morning fell just south of Manchester in Prairie Township.

“What they were going to do on the (gravel roads) in Prairie Township was as soon as the water went down, they were going to send the road graders out to get them healed back together and they would probably put up a barricade up or two to limit it to one-way traffic in a couple of areas over the weekend, until they get a chance on Tuesday to get them fixed up,” he says.

Several spots on Old Highway 20 have been covered in water, but county officials say the road is still open in both directions. Within the Manchester City Limits, flash flooding hit a park and a sports complex. .

“The roads are barricaded,” says Tim Vick, Manchester’s city manager. “…We’re trying to get the water through, get things cleaned up. Give us some time. Again, those are the hardest-hit areas that we’re seeing the flash flooding that’s continuing right now.”

There was high water near West Delaware High School, this (Friday) morning so administrators had all the vehicles in the parking lot moved to a church parking lot in Manchester. The Maquoketa River at Manchester rose four feet this morning, but is not creating flooding issues yet. However, storms are expected to re-develop starting later this (Friday) afternoon, bringing another one to two inches of rain and the risk of severe weather. Campers at Bailey’s Ford Park southeast of Manchester are urged to be ready to move out quickly if more rain falls in the area.

(By Janelle Tucker, KMCH, Manchester)