Iowans have already seen some hot, humid days and they’ll only get hotter as summer approaches. Today is Heat Safety Day in Iowa.

Meteorologist Alex Krull, at the National Weather Service office in metro Des Moines, says the calendar says summer officially arrives June 21st, but summer weather could be here much sooner.

“This is to raise awareness about how to remain safe while you are doing outdoor activities,” Krull says, “whether it is a fun day at the beach, maybe going for a bike ride, or for those who work outside on a construction site or in the lawn care industry, just a few safety tips to keep in mind.”

It’s important to stay well hydrated, wear sunscreen and a hat, as well as light-colored and light-weight clothing. Krull is also issuing a reminder about the extreme dangers of leaving a child or pet in a hot vehicle.

“Keep in mind, even if it’s only 75 to 80 degrees outside, if those sunrays are making it into your car, your car’s temperature on the inside could go as high as 120 to 130 degrees,” Krull says. “That makes it very hard to survive.”

While it’s been a cool, wet spring, warmer weather is already beginning to set in and steamy summers are common in Iowa.

“Anytime we get into July or August, we get temperatures into the 90s and our dewpoints in the 70s, we certainly look at those feel-like temperatures to be anywhere between 105 and 110 degrees,” Krull says. “That can be very dangerous for the human body as sweat won’t be able to evaporate off your skin and your body’s natural cooling process doesn’t work when that happens.”

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(Reporting by Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)