Bernie Sanders (file photo)

About 800 people gathered in Iowa City tonight for a sampling of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and a speech from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, at the start, seemed to address recent polling suggesting his support in Iowa and elsewhere is slipping.

“I have absolute confidence that we are going to win here in Iowa, that we are going to win the Democratic nomination and that we are going, together, to defeat the most dangerous president in the history of this country,” Sanders said, to cheers from supporters.

Sanders emphasized familiar themes in his speech — accusing Wall Street, Big Oil and the health care industry of profiting while most Americans suffer. But Sanders also used the moment to unveil details of his campaign’s finances.

“In the last three months, we received one million individual contributions,” Sanders said.

Sanders’ campaign announced it has raised $18 million in the past three months. Sanders said last night the most common occupation among his donors was that of teacher. South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign announced he raised $25 million during the second quarter, which ended Sunday.