A three-county drug sting saw 20 people arrested on more than 100 criminal charges, including 32 felonies, with most of the cases involving methamphetamine or ecstasy.

The Guthrie County Sheriff’s Office reports the investigations were initiated July 10 and ran through August 1, and included execution of 12 search warrants; 10 in Guthrie County and one each in Carroll and Audubon Counties. Three firearms, more than $2,000 in suspected drug money along with marijuana, prescription drugs and methamphetamine were seized.

Thirteen of those arrested were for possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver. One of those charged, one is accused of selling drugs to a minor, and another had used the Bayard City Park as a delivery location. Four had active warrants.
Five children have been removed from homes where drug violations are alleged to have occurred and five people are facing 14 counts of child endangerment.

(By Chantelle Grove, KCIM, Carroll)