The mother of a toddler who was found unattended in Ottumwa Monday morning has been arrested, along with her boyfriend.

Ottumwa Police were called just before ten o’clock Monday morning because a three-year-old girl was wandering around unsupervised. The toddler was unable to tell the officers what her name was, who her parents were or where she lived, so she was taken to the police station.

Later in the morning, authorities released the girl’s picture on social media, leading family members to contact police and give them the girl’s identity.

Nineteen-year-old Faith Knedler, the mother of the three-year-old, and 22-year-old Colby Rysdam, Knedler’s boyfriend, were taken into custody Monday afternoon, each of them charged with one count of child endangerment.

(By Ellis Codjoe, KBIZ, Ottumwa)