Despite an increasing number of reports about the health hazards of electronic cigarettes, studies find the popularity of vaping continues to rise in Iowa.

Erika Sward, spokeswoman for the American Lung Association, says more Iowa adults are using e-cigarettes, but they’re especially alluring to teenagers. “Among adults in Iowa, just over 16% use and smoke cigarettes, and 5.3% use e-cigarettes,” Sward says. “The most recent high school data we have for cigarette smoking in Iowa is about 4.4%.”

The latest study from the Iowa Department of Public Health finds e-cigarette use among Iowa 11th graders has rocketed in recent years to more than 22-percent, that’s almost one in every four. Sward says e-cigarettes were initially billed as being a safe alternative to help smokers transition away from traditional cigarettes to eventually quit.

“The Food and Drug Administration has not found any e-cigarette to be safe and effective in helping smokers quit,” Sward says, “but we have certainly seen these false and unproven claims from e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers.” The American Lung Association is continuing to press the FDA for more significant action on e-cigarettes, but she says the agency is moving very slowly.

“We’ve seen one warning letter go out to one manufacturer, Juul, but unfortunately in the ten-year history of these products in the U.S., that’s really been the major action,” Sward says. “We know that smokers are confused.”

The state of Iowa is offering a program called, “My Life, My Quit,” which focuses on teens. Through the program, teens work with a coach who listens and understands their unique needs, provides personalized support, and helps them build a quit plan to become free from nicotine. For details, text or call 855-891-9989 or visit