Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris told a crowd in Washington, Iowa, this weekend that now is the time to talk about the “contrasts” among the candidates. Harris suggested her political aims are far different than rivals Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

“I’m not trying to upend and blow up systems,” Harris said. “I’m not trying to start a revolution. I am not a socialist.”

Harris suggests her tax plan will lift low-income working people into the middle class. Harris proposes a new, $3000 refundable tax credit for Americans earning an income below $30,000 a year.

Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro campaigned in Iowa this weekend as well, meeting with the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition on Saturday. Castro has suggested drug addiction should be treated primarily as a public health issue rather than a crime.

Andrew Yang held a campaign rally in Council Bluffs on Saturday afternoon and that evening he was in Sioux City for a campaign office opening.