Iowa Judicial building.

The Iowa Court of Appeals has upheld a multi-million dollar verdict awarded a woman who slipped and fell at a Bettendorf hotel.

Brenda Alcala slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk at the Bettendorf Courtyard by Marriott in 2010. She broke her ankle in three places and said she could no longer be as active as she once was.

A jury awarded her $4.9 million in damages — including $3.5 million for pain and suffering. Marriott’s appeal contended the damages were excessive and resulted from the jury’s passion and prejudice against the corporation. Marriott also sought a new trial based on expert witness testimony allowed by the district court.

The Appeals Court ruling says Alcala’s physical and mental pain and suffering are essentially undisputed. It upheld the district court’s verdict that the award was not flagrantly excessive.

Here’s the ruling:Courtyard ruling PDF