Joe Biden (file photo)

A woman in the crowd at a Mason City event told former Vice President Joe Biden he would secure her vote if he promised to pick one of his female rivals as his running mate.

“We have been very fortunate to have great candidates for this nomination,” the woman said. “You’ve always been at the top of my list…I’m still undecided. You could clinch the deal with a Biden-Klobuchar nomination,” she said, to cheers from others in the crowd.

Biden replied that he’ll “look very, very closely” at choosing a woman as a running mate, but he declined to specify at this point in the campaign that it would be Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. Biden promised his administration would — in his words — “look like the country.”

“From attorney general to vice president to every major office,” Biden said. “…Look at my staff, my senior staff. I have more women, more African Americans…than a lot of campaigns do…and I can name for you eight women who would easily qualify to be president of the United States and be a vice presidential pick, but I am not going to make any specific commitment to one person now.”

The only other candidate still on the Iowa campaign trail is Andrew Yang, who has a stop scheduled in Waukon this evening.

(By Bob Fisher, KGLO, Mason City)