Flooding in Hamburg this spring.

The Iowa Senate has approved spending $20 million more in the current state fiscal year on flood relief projects. Senator Rob Hogg, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids, voted for the extra $20 million — but suggested the state should spend more.

“I was in southwest Iowa last year. I saw the heartache and the trauma. I was in Burlington in May. I was in Davenport in May and people need help,” Hogg says. “Flooding hurts people and people need help.”

Senator Tom Shipley, a Republican from Nodaway, says he’s comfortable with the calculations made by Governor Reynolds and her staff.

“This $20 million is simpy to help get the process started,” Shipley says. “I believe that we will come up with more money. We cannot jeopardize any federal funding that may be coming forward.”

According to Iowa Emergency Management officials, there are nearly $200 million worth of flood projects awaiting funding, but federal funding will cover some if not the majority of the expenses.