A woman from western Iowa’s Cass County was arrested this morning, in connection with the death of a child in her care.

Cass County Attorney Vanessa Strazdassaid felony charges of first-degree murder and child endangerment resulting in the death of a child were filed against 36-year old Alison Dorsey, of Anita, alleging she caused the death of an 11-week old newborn at her daycare.

The child identified only as “L.H.” suffered from internal bleeding resulting in brain death, while in the sole care and custody of Dorsey, on October 7th, 2019. The child died the following day. Medical evidence revealed the injuries causing death were inflicted and non-accidental, commonly called “shaken baby syndrome.”

The County Attorney says the onset of brain hemorrhaging would have been immediate. Dorsey was being held in the Cass County Jail on a $250,000 cash-only bond. Her initial appearance is set to take place by Friday.

(By Ric Hanson, KJAN, Atlantic)