Purina plant in Clinton.

Iowa’s three largest pet food manufacturing facilities continue to operate with coronavirus guidelines in place.

Purina’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Kurt Venator says the 1,000 plus workers across the state are cleaning the production areas more frequently while practicing social distancing. “Our people are the heart of our business and we’re doing as much as we can to support our associates by using best practices across the factory sites in order to provide high-quality nutrition,” Venator says.

Doctor Venator says employees are working long hours and are getting extra support. That’s also true for the communities in which they work. “In Iowa specifically and in all our manufacturing locations across the United States, we are providing monetary donations in our communities helping with relief efforts, this is something we take very seriously and are very passionate about,” Venator says.

Purina has plants in Clinton, Davenport and Fort Dodge. They produce pet food and treats. The company is considered an essential critical resource by Homeland Security.

(By Pat Blank, Iowa Public Radio)