The poll taken March 27-30 asked about the coronavirus measures people are taking.

Sixty percent of Americans surveyed in the latest Grinnell College National Poll say they are working from home and 88% say they are confident the country will get through the COVID-19 crisis.

A strong majority of 70 percent of Americans responded that they will stay home and avoid contact with others as long as officials suggest it. Participants in the Grinnell College Poll did cite some emotional distress — 31 percent said they’ve been angry and 55 percent said they’ve been stressed out — but 72 percent of Americans said their general state of mind is calm.

The Grinnell College Poll found 47 percent of younger Americans say they’ve lost wages due to the pandemic and 45 percent of the younger Americans surveyed have already been laid off furloughed or expect to be soon.

Nearly everyone polled — 98 percent — said they are washing their hands more frequently and 82 percent of the Americans surveyed said they’ve changed their travel plans because of the pandemic. The polling was conducted over four days, starting last Friday, the 27th of March and ending Monday.