A 24-year-old Fort Dodge man is charged with kidnapping and assaulting a woman, but he says he has proof he’s not guilty.

Court documents say Levi Alan Goodell entered a woman’s home in Humboldt in March of last year, he then choked and dragged her out to his car. He’s accused of driving the woman around, pointing a gun at her and stating than one of them had to die.

Authorities say he pointed the gun and pulled the trigger but it did not go off, as there were no shells in the gun. Goddell told the victim he just wanted to scare her. Goodell has pleaded not guilty and claims to have an alibi. He says his parole officer and GPS data from the Iowa Department of Corrections can prove he was not there at the time of the alleged incident.

Goodell’s trial is scheduled to begin in March.

(By Rob Jones, KFVD, Fort Dodge)