Researchers hired by the state to predict COVID-19’s impact in Iowa recommended keeping business closures and other restrictions in place to avoid another surge in cases.

The group of University of Iowa researchers said there is “considerable uncertainty” in the early stages of the pandemic. Their estimates of how many Iowans may die of the disease ranged from 150 to as many as 10,000. Their report urged the governor is use “great caution…before loosening” containment measures.

The Des Moines Register obtained the document. It was then released to other media organizations. The report concluded that reopening Iowa to its pre-COVID-19 status anytime in the next four months will lead to a second wave of infections and social distancing restrictions would have to be restored.

The date on the researchers’ report shows it was submitted to the state last week, before the announcement Governor Reynolds made on Monday. Reynolds lifted restrictions so businesses in 77 counties to reopen and religious congregations statewide may resume large, in person gatherings this weekend. The governor said infection rates in those 77 counties had declined over the past two weeks or there had never been a positive case confirmed.