A special investigation by the State Auditor’s office found nearly $28,000 of improper spending in the Postville Volunteer Fire Department.

City officials in Postville asked for the review due to concerns about how the fire department’s non-profit handled financial transactions. Auditors reviewed spending over a four year period and were unable to find receipts or documents to support $5,700 worth of spending. About $28,000 more was classified as improper, including more than $11,000 worth of purchases at the local grocery store for things like ice cream, chocolate milk and alcohol.

The non-profit also spent nearly $4,000 on monthly DirecTV fees so the firefighters could occasionally get together for big games and watch TV before their monthly meetings.

The president of the non-profit resigned in December 2018 after Postville’s city council announced plans to fire him. The state auditor’s investigation has been forwarded to local and state law enforcement agencies.