Debbi Durham

The state’s small business grant program that handed out $24 million earlier this month has been revived with federal economic stimulus money. Hundreds of small business owners shut out of the initial run are being notified by email that they are getting a grant.

“We know that every day that goes by right now is a critical one for so many Iowans,” Iowa Economic Development Authority director Debi Durham said earlier today.

About 14,000 Iowa small businesses submitted applications for $148 million in grants from the Iowa Small Business Relief Program. Durham said applications were “triaged” and more than 1200 business owners received grants in early April. Hundreds more have just been notified they’re getting grants.

“As of today, a total of more than 2600 restaurants, breweries, florists, salons, boutiques, gyms and a wide array of other small businesses that line the streets of communities in all 99 counties have been awarded Small Business Relief Grants for a total of approximately $50 million,” Durham said.

The governor is seeking more federal money for the program.

“I can tell you that the spirit of our business owners remains resilient, strong and hopeful for tomorrow,” Durham said. “Our team is fueled from the notes that have been pouring in from all over our state from business that are telling us they are hanging on and hope they see us upon their reopening.”

State employees are verifying that businesses that applied have not closed down permanently before grants are awarded  Businesses are notified by email that a check is in the mail.

(This story has been updated with revised numbers from the Iowa Economic Development Authority.)