State Patrol photo of radar during speed stop.

The Iowa State Patrol reports what they say is an alarming number of motorists being stopped for driving in excess of 100 miles- an-hour.

Public information officer Sergeant Alex Dinkla says troopers have seen a 52% increase over a four-year period for speeds of between 135 and 150 miles-an-hour. Dinkla says the number-one excuse for speeding is, “We didn’t think you guys were out here actually working, out here checking and monitoring traffic,” Dinkla says. “That’s quite the contrary. We have to protect and we have to serve the citizens of the state of Iowa so therefore our troopers are out on the road. We are out watching and trying to make sure people stay safe out on the roads.”

In addition to the high speeds, he says the number of arrests for driving under the influence has also increased. Dinkla says the fines for excessive speed are hefty and can range from $300 to $500.

“The total number of tickets the Iowa State Patrol has issued to motorists going 100 miles-an-hour or more in the month of March is 103,” he says, “and in the month of April, we had 138 motorists who were cited for going 100 or more miles an hour.”

The patrol estimates traffic volume on the state’s highways and interstates is down about 40% due Iowans staying close to home with the pandemic.

(By Pat Blank, Iowa Public Radio)