Governor Kim Reynolds.

Iowans will learn late this morning if more businesses in their area may open this weekend. Some of the closures Governor Reynolds ordered are set to expire this Friday, May 15th.

“I’ve been really impressed with not only what our business community has done, our church community has done as well as Iowans in general,” Reynolds said Monday, “and so we can continue, I think, to lessen the restrictions and open up our state and start to begin in a thoughtful, safe and purposeful way to continue to reopen our economy.”

Restaurants in 77 counties were allowed to reopen dining areas, at limited capacity, on May 1, but bars statewide have had to stay closed. Hair and nail salons, as well as barbershops, have remained under the governor’s closure order as well.

“Iowans have been incredibly responsible…as they’re continuing to practice social distancing. I think they’re wearing face coverings when they’re not able to practice the social distancing,” Reynolds said during her daily news conference Monday. “We are seeing businesses be very thoughtful and cautious about how they start to reopen.”

Retail shops that sell clothes, shoes, furniture, and flowers were allowed to reopen this past weekend. Malls and fitness centers could reopen, too — but all at limited capacity to allow for customers and patrons to maintain proper distancing.

The latest report from the state indicates 271 Iowans have died of COVID-19 and more than 12,000 Iowans have tested positive for the virus. A total of 32 long term care facilities have outbreaks of the coronavirus among residents.