Governor Reynolds.

Black Lives Matter leaders say Governor Kim Reynolds has pledged to sign an executive order to restore felon voting rights in time for the general election, but that it would not likely happen until later this summer.

They met with the governor at the state capitol Monday while dozens of protesters rallied outside the room chanting “Let them vote.” Matthew Bruce of Des Moines Black Lives Matter says his group plans to pressure the governor to act faster.
“We’re gonna lead the process of getting out own language written down and we’re gonna use that to take back to the governor’s office and make sure this issue is not forgotten and that felons go into November with the right to vote,” Bruce said.

Representative Ako Abdul-Samad who was also in the meeting says signing an order in time for the election would be a positive step.  “There will be an executive order, but at the same time we have to push in January for the legislation so that we get it permanently,” he said.

Abdul-Samad also said he is glad Reynolds is not rushing an executive order before vetting the language with voting rights supporters.

(By Grant Gerlock, Iowa Public Radio)