Many Iowa pork producers are facing significant troubles due to the pandemic, as are many of Iowa’s restaurants, and a new promotion aims to help both groups.

Kelsey Sutter, the spokeswoman for the Iowa Pork Producers Association, says they’re launching what’s being called the Iowa Pork Crawl Freestyle, encouraging Iowans to visit multiple eateries and order pork from the menu. “You create your own crawl. You just need to do five — five restaurants and five pork entrees,” Sutter says. “Then, simply document it with a picture of you and your entre, a selfie or have somebody else take it, and then share it on your favorite social media platform, either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.”

Use the hashtag, “#iowaporkcrawl”. Those Iowans who respond quickly to the promotion will be rewarded. Sutter says, “The first 25 people that get their crawl done will win a swag bag from us that will include our famous, ‘Pork, it’s what we smoke here’ t-shirt, a meat thermometer and $10 in pork cash.”

The deadline to enter is August 30th. Once the crawl ends, there will also be a drawing for two grand prizes. “One prize is a catered party for up to 20 guests or up to $500,” Sutter says. “You pick your favorite local caterer, you pick your date before the end of the year and Iowa pork foots the food bill.”

The other grand prize is a Yeti Explorer Package, which includes a $300 Yeti cooler containing some Yeti products, $100 in pork cash, and a $25 gas card. Learn more at

(By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)