Some fireworks outlets reporting increased sales as the number of community Independence Day celebrations and fireworks shows has dropped dramatically with concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

State Fire Marshal Dan Wood says if you decide to buy your own fireworks to celebrate — you need to keep safety in mind. “Try to keep 300 feet away from any buildings, have a fire extinguisher there, or a garden hose,” Wood says. “And just generally be careful when you are lighting them.”

There are all sorts of fireworks available from bottle rockets to complex launching devices that shoot several flaming balls into the sky. Wood says you should make sure you understand what a firework does and how to use it before setting it off.

“Read the directions, if you do light one and it doesn’t go off, let it sit for a while. Stay away from it,” he says. “A lot of the manufacturers’ recommendations are wet it down with water just to make sure it’s not still lit inside after you let it sit for a while.”

Some other tips from the fire marshal: refrain from drinking alcohol before and while discharging fireworks. Keep spectators at least six feet away from lit fireworks. Always supervise children near or handling fireworks. Even simple products like sparklers can be dangerous – burning at up to 2,000 degrees

Local governments set the rules about if and when you can shoot off fireworks.  Wood says you should check your local ordinances before shooting them off to see if they are allowed.