Governor Reynolds with Lt. Gov. Gregg.

Governor Kim Reynolds says the state trooper who hit a Black Lives Matter protester last week while driving her did nothing wrong.

The protester, who was not hurt, has said he hoped that by positioning himself in front of the SUV, the governor would roll down her window and speak with protesters.

“I do feel like the driver acted appropriately,” Reynolds said during her weekly news conference, “and I think if you look at the report that Commissioner Bayens in the Department of Public (Safety) put forth, as we were leaving the facility the individual sped up and stepped in front of the vehicle intentionally and you cannot block traffic as we’re leaving an event.”

Jaylen Cavil, a lead organizer for Des Moines Black Lives Matter, told the Iowa Capital Dispatch it was the governor’s driver who acted inappropriately and anyone else who hit a person with a vehicle would be treated differently by law enforcement. Cavil also tweeted it was unacceptable that reporters asked Reynolds about the incident in an Ackley parking lot, but did not ask about felon voting rights during the governor’s 35 minute news conference yesterday.