Clinton County is joining the list of Iowa counties that are requiring anyone entering county buildings to wear a face mask or a face shield due to COVID-19.

Noting an increase in coronavirus cases in the county, County Board Chairman Dan Srp says the policy was approved this week and it will be in place indefinitely.  “I hope people will generally understand that it’s our attempt to have the safest environment for the public and for our staff,” Srp says. “I know there’s people that just don’t worry about this but we have, very much so, and the services that we provide to the community. We have to safeguard those services and keep everything available.”

Visitors and employees in county buildings will have to wear face coverings in common areas or if they cannot maintain six feet of distance. Services available at the county facility are also available on-line or other remote access.

(By Dave Vickers, KROS, Clinton)